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Here's what I've been working on lately:

Kerberos Challenge Response Authentication Protocol
This is basically to allow samba encrypted password hash authentication through a kerberos database.
IDB (Instrumentation Database)
Scalable Instrumentation and Database Approach to Performance Analysis of Parallel and Object Oriented Scientific Applications: a framework for profiling the performance of parallel and object oriented scientific applications, including a probe library, an automated instrumentation tool, and a data visualization tool.
CDMA2000 Parallel Simulation
Writing and running a simulation of the lower levels of the CDMA2000 protocol, with the goal of publication.
A rewrite of FreeBSD's support for Cardbus and PCCard. Warner Losh does most of the work now, but I'm still somewhat involved.
Better SASL support for nmh
Changes to the nmh sources to get more sane SASL support.
Kerberos 5/GSSAPI patches for elm
Lets elm authenticate with POP/IMAP servers using GSSAPI and Kerberos 5 tickets.
mailxp - Integrating mailx with IMAP (and Kerberos of course)
Some users (Toshi) insists of using mailx when everyone else is moving towards IMAP. So here's a release of BSD mailx that supports IMAP...
Nagios check_krb5 plugin
Nagios plugin to check status of Kerberos KDC server
When I have time, I like to hack on various parts of FreeBSD.
SSH 1.2.14 for Windows
You may be looking for an old version of SSH 1.2.14 for Windows that I compiled a while back. I no longer have a copy of the binaries, nor do I know where to get them. In any case, get better versions at freessh.org.
PAM patches for SSH
PAM is now integrated in all recent SSH versions I know of.