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Some of the services you may find useful at spock.org:

rpi.* Usenet Access
If you're an RPI alumnus and want to check out what other students and alumni are saying, you may want to read the rpi.* newsgroups. It used to be that alumni could log onto an rpi shell account and read the newsgroups from there. Since that has been discontinued, you can get access by emailing me. Also, this server has infinite retention time for the rpi* groups, on-campus users can simply point their usenet reader to usetnet.spock.org to read older posts. Off campus students can still email me for an account.
Secondary Name Service
If you run a low-volumn domain (like myself) and want to setup a reciprocal free secondary dns arrangement with me, please let me know. (Feel free to grovel if you just want secondary dns but can't provide the same)
Computer Consulting
If you have a short and simple job and are willing to pay lots of money to get it done, you've found the right man!
FREE Money Spending Service
If you have more money than you know what to do with, send some to me and I'll spend it for you! I accept cash, wire transfers, checks(cheques), money orders as well as paypal! (note: Not FDIC insured; non tax-deductable; bottomless pit - do not expect your money back)