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The check_krb5 plugin checks the status of a Kerberos KDC server by attempting authentication with the KDC using a key stored in a keytab.

The check_krb5 plugin is a perl script that requires the following perl modules: Authen::Krb5, File::MkTemp, GetOpt::Long.

You can download check_krb5 here (rev: 1.0)

Usage: check_krb5 -H<host> -d <realm> -p <principal> -k <keytab_file> [-p <port>]

-H, --hostname=HOST
        Name or IP address of host to check
-d, --realm=NAME
        Kerberos realm to authenticate to
-p, --principal=NAME
        Name of principal to try authentication as
-k, --keytab=file
        Path to keytab file containing key to principal
-P, --port=INTEGER
        Port the kdc runs on
-v, --verbose
        Print extra debugging information

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